FIFA World Cup 1978

The FIFA World Cup 1978 was held in Argentina and was won by the host nation. The 11th edition of the FIFA World Cup took place in Argentina, South America, from June 1 to June 25, 1978.

It was the first World Cup held outside of Europe or the Americas since the tournament’s inception in 1930. The host nation, Argentina, emerged as the champions, defeating the Netherlands 3-1 in the final. The tournament saw an impressive performance by Mario Kempes, who scored twice in the final and won the Golden Boot as the top scorer.

The World Cup was marked by political unrest in Argentina, with the military junta using it as a platform to promote national unity. Despite controversies and off-field distractions, the 1978 FIFA World Cup remains a significant event in the history of international football.

Fifa World Cup 1978


FIFA World Cup 1978

The FIFA World Cup in 1978 showcased incredible talent, intense competition, and unforgettable moments on the soccer field. It was a tournament that left fans captivated and excited until the final whistle.

Overview Of FIFA World Cup 1978

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest international football tournament, attracting millions of fans from around the world. The 1978 edition of the World Cup was held in Argentina, where sixteen teams battled it out for the prestigious title. This tournament was special in many ways, with thrilling matches and unforgettable moments that are still talked about today.

Host Country And Venues

Argentina was chosen to host the FIFA World Cup in 1978, marking the first time the tournament was held in South America since 1962. The country’s passionate love for the sport and rich football history made it the perfect host for this global event. The matches were played across six different venues, including Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Rosario, Cordoba, Mar del Plata, and Avellaneda.

Fifa World Cup 1978


Key Moments And Matches

Several key moments and matches defined the FIFA World Cup in 1978. One of the most memorable matches was the thrilling final between Argentina and the Netherlands. The game went into extra time after a tense goalless draw in regular time. Mario Kempes, an Argentine superstar, scored twice during the extra time to secure a 3-1 victory for Argentina, crowning them as the champions.

Another standout moment was the incredible performance of the tournament’s top scorer, Mario Kempes. He not only led Argentina to victory in the final but also scored two goals in the semifinals against Brazil, proving to be a crucial player throughout the competition.

Additionally, the tournament witnessed the rise of other stars like Paolo Rossi from Italy, who had a remarkable journey, scoring six goals and winning the Golden Boot award. It was also a memorable World Cup for Brazil, as their striker, Nelinho, scored a breathtaking goal against Italy during the group stage, which is still regarded as one of the best goals in World Cup history.

Overall, the FIFA World Cup 1978 was an electrifying event that showcased the best of international football. From the passionate and enthusiastic Argentine host nation to the unforgettable matches and moments on the field, it will forever be etched in the annals of football history.

Fifa World Cup 1978


Frequently Asked Questions For Fifa World Cup 1978

What Happened In 1978 Fifa World Cup?

The 1978 FIFA World Cup took place in Argentina. The tournament saw Argentina becoming the champion, defeating the Netherlands in the final. Mario Kempes was a key player for Argentina, scoring two goals in the final. This victory marked Argentina’s first World Cup title.

Who Won The 1978 World Cup Final?

Argentina won the 1978 World Cup final.

Who Carried Argentina In the 1978 World Cup?

Argentina was carried to victory in the 1978 World Cup by Mario Kempes, who scored two goals in the final match against the Netherlands.

Which Was The Only Player To Boycott The 1978 Fifa World Cup?

Diego Maradona was the only player to boycott the 1978 FIFA World Cup.


The 1978 Fifa World Cup was truly a remarkable event that showcased the best of international soccer. From thrilling matches and unforgettable goals to the emergence of new football legends, this tournament captured the hearts of fans around the globe.

With Argentina as the deserving champions, the World Cup solidified its position as the pinnacle of football excellence. As we reminisce on this historic tournament, let’s celebrate the passion, skill, and camaraderie that define the beautiful game.

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